Armani Beauty Partner, Eleanor Pendleton.


Giorgio Armani  X  Eleanor Pendleton

When you’re as busy as our girl Eleanor Pendleton, surely there is a secret to looking as fresh and fab as she does all the time!


Giorgio Armani Cushion Powder.

“Public speaking used to terrify me — actually, it still does! I try to push myself outside of my comfort zone and face my fears by getting on stage to tell other women about my journey as an entrepreneur (even if it means I’m crazy nervous!). Before I step up, my #GiorgioArmaniCushion compact is never far to help give me a confidence boost. 💪🏼 “





“I’m often asked what is an average day in my life like. Sometimes I’ll be interviewing a beauty expert or brand founder, directing a beauty shoot, researching ingredients for a beauty article or attending an important boardroom meeting for @gritty_pretty. Whatever it is, I’m ready for anything! 👊🏼 @GiorgioArmani