Gritty Pretty Beauty Talk:
Georgia Fowler

Gritty Pretty Beauty Talk: GEORGIA FOWLER


“While we’ve definitely tried to claim her, the New Zealand-born model is probably more of a New Yorker at this point. She relocated to the Big Apple at 16, and has since booked some gigs worth namedropping – from walking to CHANEL to campaigns for Victoria Secret Pink and H&M. For Fowler, the only way is up.” – GP

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GRITTY PRETTY: You’ve been modelling since you were 13. How has the industry and what is means to ‘be a model’ changed since you started? You would’ve been there for all of it!
GEORGIA FOWLER: I think recently more high-end designers are appreciating more classically beautiful and sexy girls. You’ll see this is evident with so many Victoria Secret girls walking the catwalks over the androgynous new faces. Also with the rise of social media, the modelling industry has become a lot more of a numbers game. Often you will lose a job to another girl purely because they have more followers than you, or Insta-famous girls are securing campaigns based on their following even if they are not the typical model.
Now too, clients often require you to post an image from the shoot or advertise real time during the shoot so there is a whole other side to the industry. Sometimes this is a negative aspect, however, I do love how it has given me control over how I am viewed personally [by the public] and it’s also an outlet for showing all my work I am proud of.

GP: Speaking of social media, one of your most-liked and shared photos on Instagram is this one. We’ve even see it pop up on Pinterest and Tumblr feeds. It’s a gorgeous photos, but why do you think that particular one has been shared so many times?
GF: Well, the earrings are pretty major and everyone loves a selfie, but I do wonder if people were just feeling generous around Christmas time, or maybe not at their desks! Ha! Sometimes I think likes on Instagram are just a matter of luck and timing, some of my favourite photos get minimal likes and often I’m shocked at what’s received best!


GP: You started modelling because of your older sister [model, Kate Fowler]. The two of you seem very close. Are you two similar or different in your approaches with beauty? Many of us are influenced by our older sisters.
GF: We’re both very minimal, and neither of us like to fluff about with too many products or beauty trends, though Kate’s hair is always so much healthier than mine and she’s probably a lot more diligent with sunblock!

GP: Are there any beauty trends you loathe?
GF: Zinc-y nude lipsticks. Or too much contour! Embrace your youthful cheeks.


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