How David Jones Ambassadors
Get Into Shape

How does Jesinta Campbell get into shape for one of the most coveted runway events of the year? With the help of Dan Adair of course.

Sydney Morning Herald reported how Jesinta gets to be in the best form possible for the show tonight & one major key player is our very own health & fitness influencer Dan Adair.

☀️👊🏽 with Jes “KO” Campbell and @transposefitness

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Her trainer, Dan Adair, said he prioritises form over heaviness of weights.

“Jesinta knows her role and how she has to look. We aim the training at how she needs to look. Long, lean and healthy. We don’t work for any bulk; we work to keep her muscles dense not big,” he said.


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Getting it done ✔️✔️ Thanks for the session today @danjadair @98rileystgym

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