Rebecca Burrow

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Mother and designer of children’s label Mini Marley, Rebecca Burrow, husband Taj Burrows and their darling girl, Arabella, live in the beautiful beach town of Yallingup, WA.

Rebecca traded her busy lifestyle in Bondi for a sea change and has since become a new mother and entrepreneur.

Using her social media reach and blog she has been inspired to share her experiences of being a new parent – the ups and downs, the tears and tantrums, the mini outfit changes from spilt smoothies, and more importantly the unconditional love she has for Arabella.

“The harder you work for something the greater you will feel when you achieve it.” – Rebecca¬†Burrow

Because being a new parent wasn’t enough Rebecca also decided to make her minimalist dream a reality with the launch of children’s clothing label – Mini Marley. The label is a collection of luxury linen and gender neutral basics which have been made to be loved, played in, and handed down to the next in line to start the journey all over again.

Rebecca’s family life is centred around the ocean, her husband Taj is lucky enough to call it his office, and Rebecca is lucky enough to have a moving office to run her manic lifestyle of being a full time mother, business owner and influencer.