Talia Richman



Talia Richman is an Australian model and creative with a strong passion for storytelling and fashion. Talia started modelling at the age of 6 and after school, modelled internationally in Milan and New York for major brands, creating an online presence in the meantime. Talia now lives in New York and has a strong engaged audience online due to her unique street style which has a strong focus on stacked gold jewelry, largely inspired by her Indian and English backgrounds.


Talia has also grown her online audience through her acting background, creating hilarious video content on both Tiktok and Instagram which has allowed her to connect to her audience on a more personal level. In her free time, Talia has a passion for film photography, a hobby which has been passed down from her family. She spends her free time documenting her travels, friends and landscapes that inspire her on her Tumblr and Chronicles of Bliss Instagram account.