The Instagram algorithm is constantly updating. It is what makes the platform so much more enjoyable to be on.
However, recently Instagram have been making some big changes to the platform. What once started off as a place to share photos with your friends and family, has now becoming a global marketing platform, that prioritises the use of video.
Here is a note from MGMT director, Kat, to our growing team of influencers:
“I just wanted to send a note out and share the below video from Adam Mosseri re: focus for Instagram over the next few months. Mainly for you all there is going to be a big shift from imagery to video, I’m sure you have all noticed this with Instagram favouring reel content over still image posts, as well as the uprising in TikTok. Secondly, they are placing more emphasis on shopping so this would in turn shift marketing budget further to influencers/digital creators so it’s great news on our end!
On our side we are finding clients are requesting more reel/tiktok bookings. I strongly recommend (if you haven’t already) to start feeding more video content into your profiles and building out a TikTok audience if you have not yet started to do so.”
You can find the video created by Adam Mosseri here: