What We Do


Influencers genuinely want to talk about brands they use or identify with.

They have a relationship with their audience and value the trust that their followers place in their hands. The influencers number 1 priority is their audience and ensuring the brands messaging is getting across in a way their audience will understand. The audience of an influencer trusts their opinion and their endorsement comes across as a tried and tested product review as opposed to a paid post.

Accurately reaching your core customer base translates to sale conversions and greater ROI. Your product is being introduced to people who are already interested in it or who didn’t realise they needed it until seeing it.

Influencers have the power to boost credibility and extend your content’s reach into new communities, as well as be critical partners in generating content.



Digital Management

Our influencers can identify what makes your brand unique, what type of content your target audience likes to consume, and develop a content strategy with you.

Our goal at MGMT is for our expert influencers to create socially shareable content that will make the rounds on users’ social media feeds, with audiences doing a lot of the legwork to share organically (brands, read: excellent bang for your budget’s bucks). We produce curated content which organically weaves in brands to sustain their authenticity and build brand loyalty.

Our influencers can show your brand how they’ve got their finger on the pulse of culture in a meaningful way by creating aesthetically and verbally pleasing content for clients.